Janjaweed by Joseph and Jane Matthews

I read this a few years ago and found it very entertaining as well as informative. Although it is fiction, it gives insight into the political and military struggles in East Africa. Published by Double Edge Press in 2010, it is still available on Amazon.com in print and kindle format.

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Book Description

Publication Date: August 27, 2010

Travis Martin last saw action as a Marine sniper in Vietnam – until he was medivacced out as a mental case. Now stateside in Georgia, his ongoing combat is to never again care about anyone, or anything, and to forget the horrors of war which he excelled at. When George Mitchell arrives at his door, wheelchair bound from saving Travis’ life, Travis knows that George is the one man he cannot deny a favor. Muslim slavers have kidnapped George‚Äôs Missionary grandchildren in Africa, and even if it means practicing the art of death that had nearly driven him to insanity before, Travis is determined to get them out. With the help of some old Squad buddies and a few modern day Survivalists, they put together a mission of insertion and extraction. But it is Travis and Travis alone who must accompany a questionable and illegal band of African rescuers into Sudan and the very heart of the Janjaweed – Devils on Horseback.

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