Pursuit of Alba

Matt Narvik -After a longer than necessary rehabilitation, Matt begins his new career as a security agent for the Windswept Corporation.  Anxious for adventure he seeks to reunite with Alba Cologne.  This adventure lures him to exotic locals on both sides of the Atlantic.  Matt learns that his quest for adventure may be deadly.

Dex Rubino – Still seeking the treasure of Philippe Ben-Balla, Dex allies himself with some unscrupulous characters.  His hopes of using Matt Narvik as a wedge to extract the treasure seem to backfire but Dex is always figuring an angle to better himself.

Helene Adolphe – As the new president of Windswept Corporation Helene is determine to resurrect the family’s criminal empire.  She has a unique way of delivering shareholder value.

Anton Carmella – A local thug who seizes the opportunity to become an international investor   No matter how much wealth he accumulates, he worries that his past transgressions will overtake him.

Rocco Vecchiarelli – Anton Carmella’s bungling lackey aspires to graduate to the upper echelons of criminality.  His ambitions are frustrated by his inept attempts to betray his boss.

Desmond Quest – Long time bodyguard of Helene Adolphe is now the Chief Security Officer for the Windswept Cruise Line.  Discontented with his lot, he conspires to siphon funds from Windswept’s coffers.

Omar – A young trainee in Windswept’s security team seeks out the mentorship of Dex Rubino. He hides his true motives beneath a veneer of friendliness.

Mashal – An international terrorist and criminal who, with the help of al-Qaeda, wrested part of Ben-Balla’s empire from him.  Now, fleeing his new masters, he seeks the aid of his former lover.

Dave Carpenter – “The piano man;” Dave is a keyboardist who runs from ship to ship in an effort to escape his guilt and shame.  When he meets a new love, he has to reconsider his life plan.

Meaghan Miller – Meaghan became a dancer seeking fame.  A broken ankle interrupts her career and she agrees to become Alba’s assistant while she heals.  Her first mission for Alba causes her to cross paths with a man that leads her to a life altering decision.

Captain Ausnethmer – Emile Ausnehemer knew he was selling his soul to devil to attain his own command but he got a good price.  When he has a chance to save the life of a friend, will he have the courage to do so?

Cynthia Duckworth-Sterling – A small town girl who married a murderous thug.  She cheated death and now sees a way to extract revenge, even if it means using her daughter to do it.

Candace – At fourteen going on twenty-one Candace is in a hurry to grow up; she desires the love of a family even more than the fame and fortune, she has been promised.