Meet Alba Cologne

Alba Cologne is an international model and actress.  She is also the daughter of international criminal Philippe Ben-Balla.

Alba was with her mother and brothers in Iraq when the Kuwait invasion took place.  She and her family were held hostages to insure the continued cooperation of her father.  Friends of her father smuggled her out of Bagdad; but as the war turned against Iraq, her mother and brothers were executed.  Sadam blamed the deaths on American bombing and Ben-Balla accepted this as fact.

To protect her, Alba was raised by a great-aunt in Barcelona.  This aunt groomed Alba to be the first female head of the family business.  Alba grew up fast and learned to use the vices of others to her betterment.  She became a famous model and starred in some low-budget films.

When her father became ill and his criminal empire began to topple, she welcomed him into her elaborate home and helped nurse him back to health.  Now he has relapsed and is showing signs of dementia.  When he summons her to Florida, she reluctantly complies and uses her charms to beguile a naive American sailor.

Unsure of her own beliefs she is confronted with the message of the Gospel.  Confused, she lashes out and joins in her father’s plot.

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