Meet Dexter Rubino

Dexter Rubino’s career as a Secret Service agent was lack-luster at best.  He was on the fast track until a corrupt diplomat outsmarted him.  This embarrassment sidetracked his aspirations, forcing him to watch as others eclipsed him.  When his wife divorces him and his only daughter disowns him, his dreams of a comfortable retirement vaporize.  He accepts the position of District Supervisor for the Basalt Security Corp. and is assigned to an enclave of the elite on the west coast of Florida.  Dex finds himself surrounded by the trappings of wealth with no wealth of his own.  He grows even more despondent when his girlfriend jilts him due to “his lack of financial security”.

On Christmas Sunday the diplomat who had humiliated him years earlier contacts him.  She offers him millions to stop the assassination of a former president.  Dex sees his chance to cash in, so he enlists the aid of his security staff in a race to stop the assassination.

Along the way, Dex is confronted with child abuse, murder, greed and his own spiritual questions.

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