Meet Matt Narvik

Matt Narvik was born in the tiny Pennsylvania factory town of Sycamore Mills.  His pastor father, as well as his mother and younger brother, died in a freak auto accident when he was nine.  None of his father’s flock offered to take him in and Matt entered the foster care system.

Bouncing from place to place, Matt finally found a home with an elderly couple named Vickers.  They guided him spiritually and helped him secure employment in the steel industry when he graduated from high school.

Unhappy and unchallenged in his career choice, Matt continued until he accumulated enough time to retire.  At this point, Matt dedicated himself to living a life of adventure.  He moved to Florida, purchased a sailboat, and began preparing himself to sail as far and as long as he could.  It isn’t long before Matt realizes that no matter what the adventure, he was alone.

When an acquaintance dies in an accident, Matt is one of his few mourners.  He meets the beautiful daughter of his friend at the funeral and is soon involved in a romantic relationship with her.

Matt doesn’t realize he has become a pawn in a battle of giants and his life of adventure may be fatal.

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