Wayne is a confused adolescent, with a domineering father and an obtuse mother.  His four younger sisters also complicate his life.

When Wayne is expelled from school, his father tells him to “find a job.  or a new place to live.”

It seems like all Wayne can do is find his way into deeper trouble.  He wanders into Hoagie’s Marina and knocks on the office door.  No one answers so he begins prowling around hoping to find something worth stealing.  As he tries to pick the lock on a dock box, he is interruped by Captain Ernesto Muniz.  Captain Muniz sees a little of his larcenous self in the boy and decides to intervene on his behalf.  He tells Wayne to go home and wait by the phone.  The boy soon receives an offer of employment from the Windswept Corporation.

While Wayne has little respect for Vern, his supervisor, Ernesto becomes Wayne’s hero and mentor and easily leads him astray.

When Ernesto is killed, Wayne is overcome with fear.  He is overcome with youthful lust when he meets Alba Cologne, in the guise of Ernesto’s daughter, Crystal.

In an attempt to win his father’s approval, Wayne steers Ernesto’s daughter to the church where the Manuel family worships as a facility for the man’s funeral.  He also points the way to Matt Narvik, the owner of a sailboat that could serve as a replacement for Ernesto.

Wayne continues to allow himself to be dragged down by the people around him until he finally repents of his sin and assists in the disruption of an assassination attempt.

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